Our Services

HopeLink provides training and support for caregivers, whether they are family members or professionals. Once an individual has qualified for a Medicaid Waiver, we will work with them and their loved ones to ensure that proper care is provided.

Our Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDPs) provide education and training for caregivers, along with monitoring health, behaviors and goal progress for individuals receiving service.

When Family Members Act as Primary Caregivers

Family members often serve as the primary caregivers for their disabled loved ones, which can be a financial burden. We provide them with the training necessary to be state-licensed caregivers, so they can be compensated for their work through the Waiver program. In addition to training and ongoing support, we liaise with the state of Indiana to help caregivers manage their budget and stay on top of requirements and reporting.


When Families Request Professional Caregivers

If a family has a professional caregiver they would like to employ, HopeLink will work with them to provide the caregiver with proper training and certification, as well as ongoing support. For those that do not have a caregiver in mind, we can help them place advertisements and guide them through the interview and hiring process. We will run background checks, ensure certification, check references, and anything else we can do to make families feel comfortable. We will essentially act as a family HR department- making sure caregivers are trained well, paid, and that the right people are hired.

Our Ongoing Assistance

We will meet with caregivers and families at a minimum of once per quarter, but our goal is to be available whenever we are needed. We are knowledgeable professionals with a great deal of experience in waiver services, and pride ourselves on our ability to work with families to create optimal outcomes.



We understand every that individual, and every family, has unique needs. Our goal is to provide the best quality of services possible while focusing on Family, Community and Connections for individuals receiving services.

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