About Us

We understand that everyone, and every family, has unique needs. There cannot be a cookie-cutter approach to caregiver placement. That’s why HopeLink allows families to choose for themselves who will take care of them or their loved ones.

Founded by siblings Derrik Hobbs and Chayla Foster, family is the building block of The Hope Link. Our goal is to help people receiving services through the Indiana Medicaid Waiver program create strong connections with their families and communities, in order to achieve the greatest quality of life.

Our History

Today we find that family-owned businesses are being recognized as an important and distinct organization in the world economy. Family-owned businesses may be the oldest organization form, but only within the last decade have their unique benefits been identified and studied. Family businesses have been found to have great focus and concern for the long-term over generations, their strong commitment to quality and its relation to their own family name, as well as their humanity in the workplace where the care and concern for employees is often likened to that of an extended family.

The Hope Link is founded by siblings, Derrik Hobbs and Chayla Foster. Both bring unique and very separate skills to the company. Derrik has over 20 years of experience in financial operations, as well as strong business and leadership skills. Chayla has been working in the social services field since 2000. Her experience covers everything from direct care in day services and home settings for people with developmental disabilities to the oversight and advising of the daily operations for a company providing waiver services to over 200 individuals. Chayla has a passion for working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Together these siblings bring strong communication and problem solving skills to The Hope Link. The hope for this company is to create a link to help people connect with their families and communities, to help them achieve the greatest quality of life.



We understand that every individual, and every family, has unique needs. Our goal is to provide the best quality of services possible while focusing on Family, Community and Connections for individuals receiving services.

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